Hemp Potted Plant Topper™
Our Hemp Topper is a fantastic hemp product to beautify your potted plants and hold in moisture around plants. You install the Hemp Spex™ Hemp Potted Plant Topper on top of your potted plants. This will showcase your beautiful potted plants with a nice Hemp Golden color. We sell our Hemp Potted Plant Topper in a decaled raw fiber bag filled with our hemp hurd. The Hemp Potted Plant Topper bag will be enough to cover 4 to 8 plants depending on sizes of your pots. We suggest you install 1″ to 1 1/2″max of Hempspex in your potted plant. Don’t put to much HempSpex because it works too good for retaining moisture. Less is better.

Installation of Hemp Spex™
Very important, when you install Hemp Spex™ to your project you must thoroughly and completely water HempSpex. This will activate the Hemp Sponge™. Once you saturate the HempSpex™ the Hemp Sponge is formed. This will hold the HempSpex in place. If you do not water HempSpex™ during install it will have a tendency to blow away. The water acts as the binder to form the Hemp Sponge™. When water is applied the little hemp fibers form together with the hemp hurd shives to create the Hemp Sponge™.

**Disclaimer** HempSpex Hemp Garden/Landscaping Mulch has a tendency to work too well absorbing water. If you install HempSpex mulch more than 1″ it can start to sprout mushrooms and can mold if installed in a low light, shady area. In No way is Good Ole Hemp responsible for incorrect install of HempSpex™.