Hemp Honey

Honey Made From The Hemp Fields in Minnesota We put honey bees in our hemp field to make our Good Ole Hemp™ Honey. The hemp field was adjacent to a clover field. Our hemp honey has a different taste than other honey. The Honey is lighter in color, Not quite as sweet, and has a little bit to it. It is delicious.

At Good Ole Hemp™ we want to do our part and help the bees.
Typically in Minnesota most bee keepers get rid of their bees when honey is taken from the hive and the bees die. This is because the bees can’t survive through the winter because of the cold. Good Ole Hemp™ paid extra money to send our bees to California to live! The Bees will get a vacation and will be back next year to make more delicious Honey for us in the Hemp Field. We plan to have 4 times as many hives next season.
We also plan to enter our Hemp Honey in the Minnesota State Fair 2018.

Our honey comes in a jar with 3 fluid oz. 
Cost is $10.00 per jar. 

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