Good Ole Hemp™ Processing & Seed Cleaning

Good Ole Hemp™ Seed Cleaning is a mobile operation. We can go to your farm or field to help clean hemp grain. Our hemp cleaner can scalp and sift your grain. Our operation is powered by a Cat generator, it is a fully powered operation. We can do a rough cleaning and a fine cleaning. We can clean wet hemp seed once it has been combined and dried hemp seed. We can keep up to a combine cleaning the hemp seed before it gets put into your bin.

After combining your hemp. It is critical to clean your hemp grain. If you do not clean your hemp grain directly after combining the hemp seed will be volatile in the bin. Cleaning your hemp seed will make your grain dry down faster, help ward against grain heating and molding. The wet stems and green matter are wetter than the hemp seed and will have more of a opportunity to become moldy.

What you will need to provide is 2 belt conveyors for input and output from seed cleaner, and a trailer for discarded tailings. For input, belt conveyor must be at least 30′.

If you are going to create food products with your hemp we can do a final cleaning of dried grain. To finish cleaning for food grade quality you will have to run your grain through a electric eye, gravity table and or destoner to get the desired cleanliness you are looking for. Our cleaner will help save farmers dockage from grain buyers and get your hemp seed pretty darn clean for safer travels.

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