Old Dominion Hemp

Old Dominion Hemp was established to offer the public a superior Hemp Animal Bedding for Equines and small animals. We dedicated a year of research and development, donating the bedding, to determine if hemp would be accepted into the Virginia equine market. After great response, we continued to work hand-in-hand with our first clients to build a perfect match for all and any types of bedding styles. The benefits of Hemp bedding far exceeds any other bedding material on the market.

Hemp Honey and Herbs

Honey and Herbs was originally opened in 1995 by John and Marsha Neely, who over the years built up a business offering quality honey, herbs, candles, all natural soap bars and chemical free produce to the public.

Rod and Judy Lumpkin purchased the farm in 2013 after relocating to Benson, Minnesota. This allowed us to fulfill a long held dream of living as naturally and healthy as possible. The products we offer the public are raw honey, cooking herbs, herbal teas, beeswax candles and soap bars free of animal fat.

We are excited to be working with Josh at Good Ole Hemp™ and we are looking forward to supplying hemp seed oil soaps and other products. We have worked with the public for 45 yrs plus and understand what taking care of our customers is all about.