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Old Dominion Hemp animal bedding is a super absorbent, virtually dust-free bedding suitable for most animals. ODH bedding harnesses the natural benefits of hemp to give you healthy, happy animals, save yourself time,energy, labor,and money. Old Dominion Hemp Animal bedding is ideal and perfect for all animals and critters. Horses, Poultry, Hedgehogs, Hamsters, Rodents, Cows, Snakes, Lizards, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Birds, Chinchillas, Sheep, Alpacas, Dogs. Try our Hemp Bedding to showcase your animals in travel trailers and shows that you go to. Why have your barn smell bad when hemp bedding can help get rid of odors.

Very Absorbent – Hemp bedding will absorb 4x its own weight so your animals will stay dry longer than straw or wood shavings

Low Dust – Low dust is critical to limiting respiratory and other life-threatening health risks in horses and barn animals.

Reduces Odor – Hemp animal bedding reduces the odor of ammonia associated with barn animals better than wood chips or sawdust. Hemp bedding will help with the health of your animals. This feature of bedding is amazing.

Economical – Hemp bedding immediately translates into savings, through reductions in labor, transport, and storage.

Biodegradable – Hemp bedding composites faster than wood chips or saw dust. Only paper decomposes faster than hemp.

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How To Order

Old Dominion Hemp bags are 33 pounds with a 4.5 sq ft coverage.
Single Bags up to 30 bags is $20.00 each with tax. For 30 bags or more price is $12.50 a bag plus tax and shipping
Depends on size of order and location. Good Ole Hemp™ tries to deliver for free when we can, usually we can deliver up to 60 miles and larger orders farther Please call 612-419-0765 or contact us for shipping costs.

Information we need to get a shipping price are:
1. Address 2. Zipcode 3. Are you in a residential or commercial area 4. Do you have a loading dock to unload pallets or do you need a liftgate to help unload. 5. How many bags of bedding do you want. Typically, a full pallet quantity is most efficient to ship. A pallet is 30 Bags

Application Instructions

Recommended care for bed longevity. Because there is higher front end cost with hemp bedding you want to maximize length of hemp bedding install. We suggest to clean out dry matter at least twice a day, shake off all extra hemp hurd. the hemp hurd is still valuable so try not to throw it away. The hemp hurd cellulosic structure is hollow so it retains moisture better than wood. Try to keep hay out of bedding as well. The wet areas are the area of most concern. Best practice is to pull some dry bedding into wet area to keep longevity hempin’. Once hemp bedding urine area is saturated remove and add a little fresh hemp bedding to prolong bed.

– 4-5 bales for Base
– Add 1 bale for replenish – 10-14 days
– 4-5 bales for base
– stall clean out for replacement – 3-5 weeks
– 2-3 bales of hemp + 1-2 bales straw, paper or pine
– Add 1 bale of hemp every 10 -14 days to mixture