Josh Helberg – St. Cloud, MN

Founder Josh Helberg was intrigued by Industrial Hemp as a building product called HempCrete.Because Helberg thought it could help diversify his exterior companies. He researched industrial hemp for about 4 1/2 years ago and started going to different hemp conferences all over the country. Kentucky, Colorado and Canada to name a few. He learned of the amazing potential of industrial hemp and the possibility to get back into his roots and farm his family’s land with Hemp. Helberg grew up on a small dairy farm in Stevens County, MN.

Helberg found out if he wanted to grow hemp he would have to create new markets for hemp. This is difficult because of all the different products you can create and over regulation of industrial hemp.

Helberg was also an advocate for hemp, talking to his State Representatives and Senators. Helberg worked along side the Farmers Union and Farm Bureau to help get a pilot program approved in Minnesota. To this day Helberg helps raise awareness by talking to politicians about industrial hemp’s potential value for Minnesota Farmers and economy.

The first grow season of 2016 Helberg planted 4 acres of Fiber Industrial Hemp Seed. Helberg was the first approved grower for fiber in Minnesota. He learned how to cultivate, grow, and harvest hemp.

This is when he formed Good Ole Hemp. Hemp has a bad reputation so Helberg wants to create a company that shows his work ethic, passion and eagerness to provide premium quality hemp products. Plus, how can anyone say anything bad about Good Ole Hemp™. Good Ole Hemp™ is Growing Hemp For Quality. Good Ole Hemp™ wants to be a brand that people respect, trust, sincere, and because of the honesty it displays. Good Ole Hemp™ provides a level of professionalism lacking in the industry. In 2017 Good Ole Hemp™ plans to quadruple it’s growing acres, as well as continuing to launch premium hemp products his company creates. Good Ole Hemp™ wants to be a buyer of Minnesota hemp farmers crops.

Johanna Holloway – Rochester, MN

Johanna stumbled upon Marijuana’s cousin, Hemp, and the conspiracy behind it all. Upon doing her own due diligence she feel in love with the amazing properties of Industrial Hemp. Johanna received her Horticulture associate degree from Rochester Community and Technical College. Johanna graduated in 2016, Johanna was planning on going back to school to get her four year degree.

Johanna was setting up a meeting with MN Senator Klobuchar’s staff in support of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. This is when Johanna found Good Ole Hemp™. Johanna was vary excited about Josh and His Company Good Ole Hemp™. Finally Johanna found someone that was as interested about Industrial Hemp and animals as herself. Josh’s knowledge of Industrial hemp elevates Johanna’s potential to having a career in the cannabis industry. Johanna also likes Josh is adamant about helping people. Johanna is proud to work with Josh and help launch our company Good Ole Hemp™. We are literally Growing Hemp For Quality™.